mundane pleasures in the second-chance life

Shamelessly rocking my skinny violet trousers, I wrapped up my third official day at the office today. I’d had my fingers seriously crossed that I would land this marketing internship. I waited patiently in Jamaica when my sister and I jetted off for a week’s vacation, and then not so patiently for a couple weeks after we landed back in Toronto. I think I still have a little a lot of work to do on letting things fall into place. Its so hard to sit with the discomfort of an undetermined future and not always being able to hold the reigns.

The last several months of my second-chance life have been full of peaks and valleys, but lately things have mostly been up. So far, my internship is no exception; it’s everything I was hoping and needing it to be. And if that sounds terribly nerdy, that’s because it is. I love the shrill early morning alarms. I love the crowded commute. I love the inconsistent TTC. The desk I jammed full of snacks. The blazers. The 9-5 workday. The coffees. The treasure-like drawer of cute office supplies and stationary I may or may not have discovered today… It just feels good to be part of the mechanism again, in a way that I was incapable of being before.

It doesn’t hurt that I just so happen to be working for a marketing agency in the ultra-hip Liberty Village. Or that the weather has been absolute sunshine-y perfection in the city the last couple of weeks. The work I’ve been doing is fun and meaningful, and it’s what I plan on making my career into after I finish the last year of my degree.

This is living. And I guess I’m not just doing it, I’m feeling it. Really feeling every second of it. That’s what happens when you’re all heart.


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