chocolate mornings

Is there a better way to start a day than with chocolate, I mean reeeeeaally?


…Banana oatmeal chocolate chip, actually. Who decides what foods are deemed appropriate for breakfast? As far as I’m concerned, muffins are just for people who don’t have to nads to order cake for breakfast.

It was one of those days when the talking heads made promises of thunderstorms that never came. Warm and wonderful, everyone was savoring the moments when the sun burst through threatening clouds as though they may not ever see it again.


Work was busy and fulfilling. I wore a new Mediterranean-blue blouse paired with my precious secondhand flats, discovered for a bargain at HouseOfVintage. I went out with coworker buds today. Twice. It was all friendly and natural enough. I can’t help but feel awestruck and blessed when I catch myself living free. And then, I can feel completely alone even at a table of friends.

Do you do chocolate-y A.Ms?


4 thoughts on “chocolate mornings

  1. don’t judge, but i have had slices of chocolate cake for breakfast once… in fact, i think there is always time for chocolate cake… even if it is for breakfast


  2. Absolutely no better way to enjoy a morning than with chocolate, especially in the form of a delightful-looking muffin! :-) I love all sorts of chocolate themed goods in the morning – Nutella on everything, hot chocolate, chocolate chip pancakes … you can’t go wrong! ;-)

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