rise and grind

The average Torontonian will spend over 15 days waiting in traffic this year. It’s true, Google says so. And then I did the math. I’m even willing to venture a guess that this figure is a little low, given the bewildering state of the TTC these days. This is what the bus looked like when it passed me this morning…


Three times.

I don’t mind the commuting time to myself. I’m still too content to be out there working and living again. To be exercising my brain at a meaningful job, instead of pondering the complex flavour profile of cinnamon or the macronutrients in snap peas. So, despite spending the first hour of my morning crammed in a streetcar, I refuse to join the crowd of complaining, sweaty people in suits.

The trouble with the rat-race is that, even if you win, you’re still a rat.


Besides, mornings should be savored. I don’t know when it happened, but I’ve turned out to be quite the morning person. There’s just something about a quiet cup of coffee while indulging in my daily newspaper rotation. I realize this makes me a nerd. But how else would I find out about the inevitable zombie apocalypse, this city’s ever entertaining Mayor, and the fact that gay people can’t get married, but this is okay?

Are you a morning person?


3 thoughts on “rise and grind

  1. I love peaceful mornings. Now that it is summer I can actually enjoy them. Drink coffee… blog.. watch TV… read a book… Mornings are wonderful! It is like starting your life clean every day.

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