the great migration

It happened this morning. Midway through fishtailing my hair in a side braid, toothbrush hanging out of my mouth – I saw it. As if my life was suddenly being written and directed by Tim Burton, a massive spider floated down right in front of my face. The thing could have passed for a small mammal, or at least a rodent. That’s when it happened – I realized that I no longer live with my parents.


I’ve loved living on the Danforth and I’ll miss it. Truthfully though, I’ve grown out of it. I’ve only been renting a room to live part-time, while mostly living at my parents’ house just outside the city. I’ve never planted my roots here, made it a home, or grounded myself. But that’s all about to change.


I’m going to miss the 2-for-$1 pints of berries.. The thick scent of souvlaki and pastries hanging in the breeze.. My favourite re-worked vintage shop in the city.. Walking to Starbucks in the morning only to discover that some-Greek-parade is going on again. And I’m in my pajamas. Again.


Best friends forever, my sister and I have found the perfect apartment at Yonge and Eglinton. We’ve packed our belongings, bargained at furniture markets, and scrounged up first and last’s months rent.  One  more  sleep  and its moving day.


I guess that also means I’m going to have to learn how to handle spiders.  For the record, I sprayed it with hairspray.  Didn’t die, but it looked fabulous.


3 thoughts on “the great migration

  1. I’m a little nervous to be graduating college in December in Indiana and moving to Florida all by myself in the summer. It’s something I feel excited/nervous to do. Bittersweet for sure. Hope your move went smoothly, and everything is working well in the new place. Don’t worry, spiders are more afraid of you because you can easily squish them…just have the fly swatter/shoe/big thing available to get it. Seeing a spider sucks….LOSING a spider is worse! ;)

    • Nervous, excited, bitter, sweet – so right! Moving has been crazy and busy, but it will be so nice once we’re settled. Hopefully we can both find our place, get comfy and meet interesting people. Fingers crossed. Looking forward to hearing all about your big move,

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