moving mountains

How to move two girls with thousands of pairs of shoes into an apartment:

This post is coming to you from beneath a sea of half-empty boxes.


Moving homes is one of life’s most stressful milestones. And I’m not even referring to the emotional upheaval. I’m already feeling more grounded and settled now that moving day has come and gone. Things aren’t set up or prettied, but I still woke up to an overarching sense of peace and serenity in my new bed this morning.

Key Learnings:

    -Not all boxes are created equal.
    -Something will probably break and it will probably be an irreplaceable heirloom.
    -Always remember where you packed your toothbrush and undies.
    -It will probably rain all day, or at least the parts when you’re moving things outside-to-inside.
    -If you are looking for something, it is probably in the bottom of a box that has been taped closed (see toothbrush and undies).
    -Locate the garbage chute. Embrace the garbage chute.
    -If you spend more than 30 seconds deciding whether to keep something or not… Garbage chute.


My mom treated us all to brunch at one of Toronto’s trusty diners. Can we just establish now that I love breakfast food?

What’s your experience with moving been like?


2 thoughts on “moving mountains

  1. I don’t remember too much about moving when I was in 2nd grade. I don’t think we ever did the whole moving van thing because the move was about 30 minutes away, and I think it was timed with enough space for us to gradually move. I do remember sleeping in sleeping bags for a night or two in the beginning just for fun. :)
    That’s lovely that you had a feeling of peace. :) Have fun settling in :)

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