single, twenty-something, loves kittens

Living in a big city isn’t for everyone. But despite my suburban roots, Toronto is exactly where I belong. I love the pace, the lights and the infinite opportunities to explore. I’m infatuated with this city.

I’ll admit though, it’s just not easy to randomly friend people. And I don’t even walk around with my crazy showing anymore. Granted, I’m a bit of an atypical little thing, but I like to think I ride that fine line of total nerdiness with flair.

And what’s more is that I’m not even referring to meeting Prince Charming. It’s been a while now since my second chance life began and I’ve been content with not-trying-to-meet-anyone-but-not-not-trying. But I’m starting to think that introductions are less likely to happen in cafes and on public transit than the Gossip Girl series led me to believe.

How does a brilliant young reader with a side interest in horrible television meet new people in the city?


7 thoughts on “single, twenty-something, loves kittens

  1. Gossip Girl is one of my guilty pleasures but I was left so distraught by what I heard about the last finale that I still haven’t seen it! ;-) As a dair fan since season 1, I’m burying my head about it! lol.

    I really love your blog! I’m glad you decided to open one up! I secretly love seeing parts of Toronto – I’d love to visit one day!

    • That’s awesome. GG and I go way back to the chick novels.

      Thanks so much – means a lot. Especially since I’ve been keeping up with your blog a long time. Toronto is worth a visit!


  2. I absolutely ADORE Toronto. My auntie and cousins live there.
    I love how the sky seems so much further away because of the CN Tower.
    Excellent outfit, that’s something I would definitely wear! :)
    Great post. Hug x

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