mad men and carpe diem

“You gotta seize the day, man.” Isn’t it so annoying when people preach carpe diem?

After a hefty investment in self-reflection, it was time to start building again. I took to the streets to find fulfilling work with ferocity. I love my marketing agency job. It’s what I’ve always imagined for my career. I like to pretend its like Mad Men, only with internet.

It’s thoroughly satisfying. By day, I am designing campaigns, brainstorming in teams, scribbling ideas and pitching to clients. By night, I am batman.

I love so many things about the environment I work in. It challenges me as an individual and a professional. I love that I am encouraged to be creative and take risks. I love the hip neighbourhood, saturated with agencies. I love working with open minded people who don’t mind when I listen to Zeus and who also think LOLcats are funny. Everyday is different.

My work and ideas actually go live, appearing on websites and social media platforms of exciting brands. My work as batman appears no where. That was a joke.

Its funny, after the world’s spin had me so dizzy, that its become clearer to me now than its ever been before – Too many people waste their lives on things they don’t love. We need to seize the day. I don’t mean doing acid on your lunch break. In order to harness my happiness, I’ve learned that I need to surround myself with people and things that I gain something from. I need to be genuine and honour my interests and values. To live fully, it’s important to me to feel I’m being authentic. I’m blessed, even if it did take almost losing myself, that I’ve at least figured that out.


Do you love what you do?


2 thoughts on “mad men and carpe diem

  1. Absolutely freaking positively love this post and your refreshing attitude! Dear goodness! The ‘community’ within which we blog is so Sally Sadness bla bla bla, and it’s nauseating! Yes, I have some blog girls for whom I truly care and hate when they feel sad about their ‘issues’ but it gets old when you don’t observe steps being taken to fix the sadness. Oh, I love this post! First off, I would fuck Donald Draper in a heartbeat. :) Pardon my French. Second off, Peggy’s body transformation was admirable! Third off, today I was walking dogs in a quiet cemetery, viewing a very shy woman walking to assumedly her husband’s grave… sad… crying… alone. I do not want to live my life unhappily only to end with unhappiness. I want to live happily and passionately, ending with sadness yet satisfaction and happiness for having lived through it all! Yes yes yes – thank you for this magnificent post!!!

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