sleeping beauty

There’s nothing quite like waking up slowly on a Sunday morning to the sugary smell of summertime. Unless you’re anything like me, of course, and you jolt awake only to find its 6 am.


I usually wake up already feeling I’ve been wasting time. There is so much I should be doing. I’ve lived like a fugitive to many shoulds, one of them being measurable time (most of my shackles are measurable actually, come to think of it). There’s something extra anxiety-provoking about the silence of unstructured mornings. Their emptiness can feel idle, unproductive and… scary.


I’ve learned to notice my stillness and I’m starting to love those moments of simplicity.

I slept in this morning. I relished in the slow laziness of a cup o’ joe, exploring blogland, listening to a favourite album… This is what I should be doing. It is Sunday, after all.


I also have a rocking cereal cupboard that, if nothing else, deserves to be properly realized.

How do you spend Sunday mornings?


4 thoughts on “sleeping beauty

  1. My favourite way to start a Sunday morning is with a sleep in and pancake making! It’s like my comfort way of easing into the day! It sounds like your start was pretty lovely and something I’d enjoy too! :-)

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