romantic me

I didn’t win a car, I didn’t get an A+, nobody declared their undying love for me, I didn’t conquer a lifelong goal. But on Monday, I returned to my new apartment after work to have a quiet night to myself.

With pizza.

It’s not always easy and natural for me to do things like this. I feel indulgent. Guilty. But I want to treat myself more gently, like I believe others should treat themselves, like a person of value.

It got me thinking of other simple ways I can add a little romance to my ordinary days…

Wear lipstick

Fresh flowers
Drink wine

Light candles

Try a new recipe
Make a relaxing playlist

Buy new undies

Take myself for coffee/tea

What have you done for you lately?


2 thoughts on “romantic me

  1. I’ve read books whilst lazing around on my bed. It’s important to treat yourself and love yourself! :-)

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