exhibit A


I tend to like being alone. I like reading alone. I like drinking coffee alone. I like being alone with my thoughts, wandering where I please, and not having to answer to anybody.


Finding peace in solitude can be very valuable. It promotes freedom and self-realization. But, like all things, there must be a balance. Isolation is a hard and fruitless road. It can make me feel like I simply don’t belong with others.


The truth is, not everyone I’ve met and everything they do stimulates me. But I have many friends. I have fulfilling, unfathomable friendships that most people will never in their lives experience. Fun and friends are there when I open my eyes to look for them…


Like a Friday night spent with my new mates from the office, a bottle of wine and the museum’s 110 foot long dinosaur.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?


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