‘where does time go?’ and other embarrassing google searches

Numbers are human creations, developed as a way to quantify our world. So, when did that change? When did we start letting these meaningless figments of our ingenuity constrain our lives?

When did I?


Maybe when I started finding comfort in what I could tangibly understand. Maybe when my emotional sphere spun so out of grasp that I resorted to soothing my dizziness with quantifiable musings. Maybe when I did not know what I was… unless I could measure it.


5 thoughts on “‘where does time go?’ and other embarrassing google searches

  1. This is such a perfect post.
    I think that anyone in our Christian Louboutins is required to manage an obsession with numbers.
    I manage it daily. Am pleased to say that I’ve successfully eliminated calories and scale weighing from my obsessions… now if I could only get the $0.09 requirement at the gasoline station to stop fucking with me.
    Have a nice day. :)

  2. I understand how you feel! It’s as if everything we “want” is only through countable, tangible measures, but we forget the simple, beautiful aspects of life <3

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