staying cool at work

Summer is upon us and it refuses to be ignored. The sun hanging high in the Toronto skyline, our city continues to break heat records, day after day. I can hardly fathom the long sleeves and layers I was donning this time last year. My morning commute to the office is more like spending time in a traveling sauna. Looking at the faces around me, I can’t help wondering how safe it is to be trapped underground with blood-boiling strangers.


Work has been dynamic and fast-paced. I find the busyness exhilarating. I feel thrilled and thirsty for more. I’m finding myself aware though, that this thirst isn’t always easily satiated.

I tend to put myself wholeheartedly into tasks and challenges. I feel good about myself when I am putting forth my best. There is no limit, however, to that effort. I go seamlessly from zero to one hundred. There is always the thought that everything can be done better and again. The satisfaction of succeeding in a demand is fleeting, if it even exists at all. There is no use in doing something, unless it is done completely, right away, and to exceed expectations. My internal dialogue is like Suri Cruise, and is always wanting more, more, more from me.


I need to pace myself.

I can give my best effort without draining myself completely. I can take time to relish in my accomplishments, both big and small. I can maybe ask for help. I can take breaks – to have food and drinks, to get a change of scenery, to gain a fresh perspective, and even just because I feel like it. I can acknowledge when my workload is causing more pressure than what’s comfortable. I can do enough, and allow myself to feel enough.


Because I wouldn’t want to lose my cool.


2 thoughts on “staying cool at work

  1. Thank you so much for all of your comments on my blog <3. For some reason it was sending them to spam at first, so I didnt see them til just now. It made for a really nice surprise tho :).
    Accepting the need to pace yourself is one of the most important things you can do, I think.. but like everything else that comes in time and with practice.. and sometimes its easier than others.
    Love you, Leah

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