that all feelings are created equal

You’d think I am a walking, talking sieve; letting hurt, sadness and anger pass right through. Always hard at work to capture only the useful, the meaningful, the precious.
But all emotions, apparently, are necessary for a balanced and healthy human life. And it’s natural. Fear is the way our brain cognitively responds to threat. Anger warns us against attack. Constantly working, the human body leaves these little clues of potential emotional danger. And what do you think would happen if we fail to acknowledge these warnings? Well they refuse to be ignored for long. They riot.


Negative emotions mustn’t be indulged in. They are a way to promote self-commiseration and are simply not productive. Feelings are messy. They come about uninvited and tend to overstay their welcome. Let’s put those negative feelings on a leash and walk them out of your brain before they poop your head up!


I want to be more vigilant and perceptive of my feelings. I want to see them, use them, and let them go. I tend to see my own negative emotions as weaknesses, but I know that ignoring them doesn’t make me stronger. Nope, just the opposite. I need to recognize and allow myself all feelings, instead of scolding myself for not being entitled to them.

I am the goddamned civil rights movement of feelings.


One thought on “that all feelings are created equal

  1. “I tend to see my own negative emotions as weaknesses”.. I can so relate to that. Like you said, it’s so natural to run from it, in fear, because it can be so unpleasant (to say the least)…
    I feel like a member of the ‘stoop and scoop’ committee, cleaning up after a head full of shitty thoughts.
    For all of the thoughts swirling in your head, you’re amazingly composed, and your writing is beautiful as always.
    Stay strong, love.

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