idle hands are the devil’s workshop

The weekend arrives with the promise of sunny skies. I’ve made plans to keep busy with friends and enjoy the city.

But today, there’s that feeling. It’s not always there, it ebbs and flows. Peaks and valleys. With no rhyme or reason, there’s simply an emptiness. I can be surrounded by opportunity and convinced that it’s fruitless, or be at a table of friends and feel completely alone. All I want to do is close up, lay down, and let it wash all over me.

It’s times when I feel the most like loosening my grip, that I need to hold on the tightest.


So, I’ll allow myself to have my moment. I can spend a night quietly listening to music and organizing my books by colour reading. But then, I’ll pick myself back up and get out there. I will make a batch of my favourite pasta, keep myself busy, go out with my girl friends, laugh, and be present. I will live.

How are you keeping busy this weekend?


3 thoughts on “idle hands are the devil’s workshop

  1. I love organising bookshelves by colour. Mine never really works because I need a new one and have to stack in allsorts of ways. Maybe’ll I’ll give it a whirl this weekend. :-) Yours is so prettyily done!

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