15 things you should know about the real world

1. No one reads your horoscope to you over breakfast

2. Everyone walks slower than you

3. You’re the best person you know at crossword puzzles

4. People always want more, not less

5. Shortcuts and escalators are always welcome

6. No one wants to hear about your BMs

7. You don’t have to wear flip flops in the shower


8. When you decide to organize or clean something, it usually hasn’t already been done by someone else

9. Risk-taking is generally not advised

10. No one does your laundry

11. Rules and rituals are easily broken

12. Everyone is usually too hot and wants the air conditioning turned up

13. Vegetables are celebrated

14. No one falls asleep when you’re talking to them

15. Cute boys. Everywhere.


4 thoughts on “15 things you should know about the real world

  1. So true.

    I especially like the not requiring flip flops in the shower…such a sad affair in university residences! And the walking speed one…urgh. What is WRONG with people. I tell you, when I lived in France I nearly screamed because people walked so unbelievably slow. I honestly don’t know how they managed to maintain forward movement…

    Have a great weekend! :-)

  2. Hey wildheartcity :) Is there anyway you could check out a story I’ve just posted on my blog and comment about it? I’m quite passionate about writing so I would appreciate any comments and feedback on it thanks a lot, agirlwithbigeyes xxx

    P.S your last post is so true! Finally it is so good to hear from someone other than my parents tha horoscopes are utter rubbish! :) xxx

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