what’s my age again?

You know what? I’ve always felt just a little different.
When it comes to connecting with others my age, it can somehow feel inorganic to me. I feel fulfilled when I surround myself with people and activities that can give me something back; compassion, experience, wisdom, perspective.


Sometimes, things that seem to be fun for other people my age just don’t stimulate me. It makes me feel a sense of emptiness, and I’m quick to nail my flaws for not fitting into the cookie-cut mold I’m supposed to belong. I tell myself that I’m supposed to be all la-dee-da. I’m not proud that nothing seems easy about me.


But then, there are those times when I feel so young and reckless, so wildly free. And I remember that I’m vibrating with life and youth. And it’s okay that I don’t always align with everyone.

Because there are all kinds of people and things that set my heart ablaze and make me feel alive.

They’re all around me.


One thought on “what’s my age again?

  1. I SO 150% get this. Its horrible feeling… but I don’t feel it when I do things I enjoy, when I’m just at peace to be myself.
    And some how I feel more connected to little kids, and Nana, than my peers. Age doesn’t mean anything – it the experiences that count.

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