how life is a waving feather

Crisis, chance, and choice.

The three things that change the trajectory of life and we have control of only one. Reality happens, feelings occur, successes and failures emerge. Wishing and acting otherwise never make it go away.

Somewhere between grabbing my morning coffees, turning over work deadlines, bouncing around the city nightlife and meeting beautiful strangers – I see her. Grey. Withered. And I am reminded of life’s intense fragility and humbled again. The thought alone puts me in a place of absolute fear and total appreciation for my well-being.

Having lost it all has led me on a more honest path. It occurs to me now less like a liability and more like an asset, which just so happens to make me feel a little more like a bad-ass. Authenticity pushes me out of my comfort zone. Humble reminders give me the courage to live without fear and regret.



4 thoughts on “how life is a waving feather

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