alex in wonderland

Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself and thought, “that looks nothing like me?” How about the mirror? Was it something that happened, or something you did? Detachment is a powerful thing – It distorts reality. So easy to let go, but frighteningly harder to find your way back.

It’s easy to set your concentration on decisions you can make; where you’d go, what you’d do. It keeps the world coherent and safe. This is the ultimate illusion of security. At the extreme of the spectrum lies avoidance. An odd distance grows, a barrier thin as a veil, between you and people around you. This can go on and on, believing you can push the dangerous unknown from your consciousness until it stops existing. This isn’t so.

You begin forgetting things. You forget what it used to feel like. You forget what it means to take chances and live. You stand with one foot in this world and one in another, where nothing fits properly and everything is uncomfortable and no one is funny. Now, what’s riskier? – My mind is all I truly have. My thoughts are what make me different from my fancy coffee maker.


penny for your thoughts?

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