Everyone has their own core beliefs about the world and about themselves. We develop them to define every aspect of our interactions and we will go to great lengths to prove ourselves right. We can easily become delinquent to them. The thing about beliefs though, is that they’re not right or wrong, truth or lies – they just are.

I’ve developed some less-than-cute core beliefs. They were developed for a purpose, a means to an end. Yes, nothing like a gesture for control to achieve a false sense of security. It was an ineffective statement about this and that – a slow, grotesque mockery of pressures and expectations. Soon, my investment in these beliefs became so great that I was left terrified to even hope that living another way was possible. Taking action has been my only path to liberty and happiness.


We all need to remove our blinders and step outside our comfort zones to avoid becoming trapped. By challenging our beliefs, we discover our possibilities can be much greater. We need to live with open hearts and minds.
Otherwise – we’d all just end up crazy-cat-people, should our beliefs we’ll marry various celebrity crushes prove unsuccessful.


2 thoughts on “believing

  1. Your very own incredible strength, amazing brain power and ultimate sweetness has, I believe aided you in your new discoveries and success. I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder or loved you more than I do today! xoox P.S. Love those pictures.

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