no doubt

Do you have a favourite word? How about a favourite line? You love the way it rolls off your tongue and the meaning it so easily encompasses. This will probably not come as a shock to you, but I’ve not quite mastered the art of identifying and describing my feelings. They’re messy and mysterious to me. I heard a term in a song once that has stuck with me as the single most effective way of expressing one of those nameless feelings – crippling doubt.

I was absolutely certain I would manage this forever. There was no point in romanticising otherwise. The self-sabotage. The evasive mind. The deprivation. But maybe most of all – the inability to effectively relate to others.


I’ve discovered that I’m not alone in this. What keeps us from connection is crippling doubt. Doubt that we cannot belong. Cannot be understood. Should not. – People achieve a strong sense of connection when they allow themselves to be truly, deeply seen. These brave souls waltz around telling the story of who they are, then their experiences of connection let them trust in their worthiness.

I want to be more willing to try a myriad of things in which I am uncertain. And to love with my whole heart although there are no guarantees.

(I also love the word myriad. And sparkle).



7 thoughts on “no doubt

  1. This is truly so true and you inspire me everyday with your insight. You are so talented and everything you say resonates to my soul. I love you!!

  2. Alex, you definitively know how to express yourself. I love how you express yourself through your writing. You definitively have a gift. Hope you keep up the good work and that you soon can break free of the clutches of your “crippling doubt”, haha.

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