To practice gratitude means more to me than counting my blessings at night before I fall asleep.


You cannot selectively numb feelings. You cannot decide to shut some of them out without blocking everything altogether in the process. Joy. Connection. Comfort. It’s easy to learn how to know things – anyone can do that. But you cannot be taught how to feel.


In those moments of true feeling, I am grateful.

I am being nobody else in a world trying its hardest to make me everybody-but-me. In those moments of fear and vulnerability, when I wonder if I can really love this fiercely? Believe in this so passionately?

To stop and just say instead: I am so grateful. Because to feel this vulnerable means that I’m alive.



12 thoughts on “thanksgiving

  1. Hi :) Silent reader here.. I suppose that makes me a ‘lurker’?
    I just wanted to say.. thank you. Your blog is an absolute pleasure to read. And this morning I’m grateful for your message. I really appreciate how you always cause me to stop and think and reflect, and to find deeper meaning in what I usually take for granted.

  2. I practice gratitude before I go to bed as night as well! I started off with choosing five things I was grateful for, and as my practice grew, so did my list! Thank you for your honesty (:

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  4. this is exactly why I was never in a Play, thought about acting when I was little
    for a minute and then was so aware of how important it was to be myself.. I remember that day, Thanks

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