how to escape quicksand

Free yourself.

We will struggle. We will be confronted with obstacles that seem impossible to overcome. Ignoring this never makes it disappear – it traps us instead. Avoiding these battles, your body and mind floats in a sense of safety and control. You become frozen, comfortable in your shackles of security, and immune to mediocrity. You sink.

What motivates us to battle? Motivation isn’t automatic or constant, but neither is showering and we do that.
What separates the fighters from the non-fighters is the belief that the battle is worth the outcome. This sometimes requires blind faith, unfortunately. Our bodies and minds try telling us to give up, and we will be tempted. We face uncertainty and are never guaranteed success. It can seem scarier to acknowledge that we have no control than to stay frozen where we feel comfortable, where we can understand our parameters.

Of course, the battle is worth the outcome. Each will provide us more momentum for the next. More self-esteem and knowledge. More weapons. Our battle no longer appears as a struggle, but a triumph. It is the common ground to all great success stories.
The only thing we can control is our state of mind. We have the power to keep ourselves calm, conjure a plan, make a decision and stick with it.
Free yourself.


5 thoughts on “how to escape quicksand

  1. So many things to read and I saved something familiar for last. If I am not comfortable or in pain, I might feel different about my usual choices and the patterns they create. I have set a standard and found something different. Still finding time to analyze my methods and monitor progress. But I am not at war, I want to say only challenged, by the times.

  2. MOTIVATION…..recognizing the difference between a good day and a bad day……….experiencing clarity just knowing right from wrong……….disobeying the wrong choice and celebrating the positive one.
    “each will provide us more momentum for the next” ….. just like a gigantic snowball! You most definitely WILL WIN this battle!!
    I so LOVE your honest YOU!! …..xoox

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