accentuate the positive

Negativity. Oh woe is me. How could I believe my actions would cause a shift into joy and happiness?
We human beings are always in motion. Moving one place to another. Changing positions. Sometimes, we must move slowly, gliding in a direction. We can shift from one place to another that we find more comfortable, more prosperous. We can ride a wave of negativity, protecting ourselves by feeling it and never taking the wave with us.

To harvest the positive, we must accept change and move when appropriate. We make adaptions to help grow within ourselves, sending energy to the world around us and believing it can bring us positivity.
We are only a part of something much larger, after all.

By simply walking along, we can cause a change in the air so that a fallen leaf may float somewhere it may never have gone otherwise. Much like we are affected by forces in the universe over which we have no more control than the floating leaf. We need to understand this movement of the universe, stop fighting against it and start moving with it.


6 thoughts on “accentuate the positive

  1. Good post! And I love the kitty picture! :-)
    You are so right about fighting against things. My philosophy is if it’s something I can’t control, then I’m not going to waste my energy on it. I can only control how I react to events in my life. And if it’s something that won’t really make a difference next year or in five years, I’m not wasting my time and energy. Life is too short to focus on the negative.

    • So true!
      And I’m glad you like the picture because there are bajillions where that came from lol – I’m well on my way to crazy cat lady, and that’s totally fine.

  2. I love the perception you bring us. I love the way you write, truly. You are talented. It is easy to read you, it just feels right, light and… happy.

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