maybe these are my glory days

What do people mean by “the glory days?” I’d wager a guess they’re not referring to the days of no electricity and woollen underwear. More likely, they’re talking about paying 10 cents for a candy bar and when milk was delivered to your house in glass bottles. So no, I don’t remember those glory days, I wasn’t alive. I do, however, remember Nirvana.


How about the glory days of Primary school… Remember when you’d try to raise your hand higher than everyone else? Remember double-dutch at recess? Remember that time you got a pizza party because you and your friends were such great hall monitors?

When did it stop being cool to be a hall monitor? Maybe that’s when people stopped paying attention. People stopped moderating their self-pity and ignorance. We never stopped having ideas of what is right and wrong, great ideas of success and empowerment. But we stopped noticing our blessings. We stopped monitoring our choices and actions, and how they influence our surroundings. We stopped seeing the link between ourselves and our goals, our decisions and what we believe in.


I want to see every day as part of my glory days. I want to observe the beauty of life around me in its complexity, the complexity of its simplicity.


8 thoughts on “maybe these are my glory days

  1. Right and wrong are so emotionally up and down. Wouldn’t you agree that GloryDays is a stupid song. I pre-date it.. I like the song about the 69 chevy with the 396, fuelly heads and a hurst on the floor. Guys like to think about their first cars. Sequines never had a place in my world, but we wear the same socks. One of the few charms about my GF is her wierd socks and when they miss match. Some even have Sequines(sp) but seriously I think we all digress at times as we rely on past victories to stand in place of current challenges. I dont want to be lazy about this either. Thats why I’m responding. Now I have to find the song I like and wish you well. Wait.., A sequine suit would have worked in the Mermaid peice…and by the way it seems easier to respond to others than to create lately Damn what does that mean..

  2. Sequins = Christmas! ;-) I love them!

    I agree, everyday should be a glory day. It’s easy to look back and idealise, the challenge is to see what’s great about today. I’m definitely guilty of this. I fear the future in case it’s bad which is something I really try to work on. :-)

    • Sequins forever, baby

      It’s easy to look back, so true. It seems I need to remind myself almost daily lately. At least we are awake to it, I suppose we are the lucky ones!

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