finding something wonderful without looking for it.

see also: luck, blessing, fortune, fate


How many times have I wanted something, and realized I really didn’t want it once I got it? I’ve twisted myself into shapes I couldn’t make and squeezed myself into places I couldn’t fit. The things that bring me the most happiness simply happen. Life is full of surprises. It is unpredictable – uncontrollable.

The only way to affirm my luck is to let go, abandon concern for gains or losses, and live mindfully wherever life takes me. To seize every chance to be of service. To let things go and take things on with a peaceful mind and body.

Using wisdom to sow the seeds of my blessings makes every day a good day.


11 thoughts on “serendipity

  1. Alex, I learned this word the summer I turned 20 years old. I had humiliated myself and was apologizing to my friend at the time. Emily gave me a kiss and taught me the word serendipity. Its a girls word I always thought… So Kiss and Hug. And trust yourself no eyes open !!!

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