twenty-something wishes

When they asked me how old I was turning, I was at a loss for words – which is tough to do. I literally had to do the math. For this, I have developed two reasonable explanations; First, somewhere between Christmas and New Years, I was momentarily blinded by visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. Second, the last two years have passed with enough physical, emotional and spiritual growth to account for far more time.
Yes, I’ve grown up. I’ve learned a lot about my likes and dislikes, discovering my identity and living organically for the moment. I don’t have to let anyone know my whereabouts. I can fall asleep in my high heels if I want to. I can come home long after the street lights come on and maybe even when they go off again. I can spend all my paychecks on sequin pants, skittles, and concerts, hoping my landlord will have sympathy for a fashionable girl with a sparkly pocketful of ticket stubs.
Time is a human creation. The span of a year or the number of your age cannot encompass your learnings. I wish for my heart to remain youthful in all the ways that matter.


9 thoughts on “twenty-something wishes

  1. There u are: “time is a human creation” :) Finally, I met a blogger who didn’t wish a new year stuff directly. I am time, I am space. Why should I wish for a man made frame?

    Well, wish u a happy birthday sadly. For, you are one step ahead to the reality :):( Happy existence :)

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