black and white thinking

Our world today is at constant odds with itself, existing in duality. We observe our lives as swinging between right or wrong, pain or joy, up or down. This keeps us moving and scurrying like drones, chasing not only success, but the next success.

To feel satisfaction is to be present and value our choices. After breath, the most precious gift to humans is choice. Our freewill gives us the control to stop our minds from swinging between black and white.


The reason it is so simple to see the world as black and white is because we are terrified to make the wrong choice. We are convinced we will say yes when we mean no, go right instead of left, choose black when we want white. But, at least for me, it has required a series of both right and wrong to get me where I am today. So maybe choices are neither good nor bad, but somewhere between.

We can choose to find peace in balance. I can discover satisfaction by being still, accepting the grey that lies between black and white.


4 thoughts on “black and white thinking

  1. as we celebrate the Turn of our successes
    and wish for more good feelings
    we ride a cosmic wave of emotion and potential
    so predictable we forget the natural outcome
    when the wave crashes and recedes
    we are left vulnerable
    we are subject to our new simplicity
    like a sleeping child on the edge of consciousness
    recalling their dislike for certain toys
    painted black and white
    but the rattle sounds like ‘either’, ‘or’
    and the choice to scream

  2. So very true…so very important…and to posess this skill of really knowing and feeling that grey can be completely ok. Taking that breath, being present, making choices while realizing life’s siimple but greatest pleasures are completely reachable. This gift can often for some take a life time to figure out…or sadly not at all.
    You are AMAZING and far ahead of the game…XOOX!

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