this little piggy

One will wither away. One will remain chronic, managing a half-life of nagging abuse and constant vigilance. And what of the other one?

I don’t have the magic words. I am not exceptionally clever, or powerful, or manipulative. I did not discover a secret key to a secret garden, or mix some supernatural potion. I did not walk out of those doors fully cured. It just didn’t hurt to sit down anymore.

I am alive. I plan to be for a good while – I am finishing my degree, I have fulfilling relationships with family and friends. I treat myself gently and with respect. I have enough love inside me that I can afford to offer it to someone else. Someone deserving, who thinks I’m deserving.

I cannot choose the course of life. I can choose to have faith and be fiercely real. I can choose to exist in even-mindedness, self-awareness and peaceful disposition.



3 thoughts on “this little piggy

  1. I cried at my desk when I read this one! I LOVE it :)

    You inspire me little sis! Ps. I need you to be around for a long while too xoxoxo

  2. choices are so good and real for kittens cats piggy’s and dogs
    so many problems exist in isolation
    with everything else
    standing by to be part of the solution

    watching family and friends age is a benefit
    it truly simply just is, thought the young ‘SheWolf’
    aware of her place in kind

    Ages have taught Love
    passed it on

    with or without its still the same management
    of conditions whose design is of choices
    whose results seem to be unknown

    matter of fact is Monkey see, Monkey do
    but I digress reflecting back while content
    As she and I compliment each other in turns
    avoiding the place of worry to be happy


  3. This is wonderful…and you are so talented and beautiful! Above all, you are soo deserving of every kind, loving and wonderful thing that comes your way as it is simply a treat to know you and be a part of your life,

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