what time is it, mr.wolf?

It is a long road.
Some days, I yearn to s t o p for a moment and rely on my subconscious. But I know what is waiting eagerly for me to call upon it for guidance, to offer some false sense of comfort or security. It is these times that I am most vulnerable. It is these times I am leaving a crack for it to sneak through – I’ve seen it seep inside these cracks, creating ripples that reach wider and wider, until I can no longer tell where it ends and I begin.


If I make myself still, I can hear the battle on these days. Even at night I dream of war, sometimes. It used to require no more than a whisper for me to listen – and I could do nothing but comply, and follow, and be sorry. Each day was the same, only with less of my own power and fewer weapons.

Now, I have a choice. I can choose to call upon myself instead and I can choose to listen. I can defend those moments of quiet – when I can stand and relish in moments that I am free.


3 thoughts on “what time is it, mr.wolf?

  1. shewolf, trust in he who stills the water and he will cool the fire in your heart. Let those thoughts that burn you and those that are alike remain silent ‘neath the glow of moon. in the morning ask yourself, am I awake? if the answer is yes you have won the war… if the answer is no.. you have lost a fight. (fear of defeat and such dishonor can lead angels to ashes.) peace you will find and peace you will have as well as thoughts that are alike. trust in he who stills the water…

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