awareness week

n. (Noun)
state or condition of knowledge gained from one’s own perception or intuition.

One of the greatest weapons we can wield is self-awareness. To be introspective requires constant mindfulness, because our selves are always changing. Awareness grows and builds indefinitely. In every scenario, the first step you can make is awareness.


Ignoring something never makes it go away. We can suppress our thoughts and feelings, collecting them like drops in a bucket that we can set aside from our consciousness. Eventually though, our unacknowledged feelings will overflow, and we find ourselves with no explanations for their origins and no skills to resolve them.

Years of suppression can create a large pool of unexpressed emotion that, when unmasked, can leave a chick feeling pretty out of control. Self-awareness is the ultimate tool for defense and protection. Emotional, physical, environmental – awareness.


2 thoughts on “awareness week

  1. awareness; so much occurs in our minds, like Algebra for the so inclined of which I am a wannabee… there is also the idea that things are of equal proportions in some spiritual or in the physical world, and or that there is more things positive, etc… when a counselor of an abuse victim states to a victim, a woman, that ”what she seeks is seeking her’. They mean the realm of the positive and do not dwell on the negative.. As a man I fear things I don’t understand and for good reason and that phrase is so inconclusive as to be erroneous. I cannot be aware of every thing out there like a spy and I don’t want to live like the watchman always looking for the Alarm. I don’t want to be a student my whole life, (or not enrolled as one) Maybe I just want to be a little vulnerable to my own fallacies. able to say to a friend “your faults have all been mine”…

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