open mind, open heart

There was a time that required me to put my own needs above all. A time carved out and dedicated to doing only what felt right. I quickly learned it’s important, especially in recovery these moments, to follow exactly what we know is right in our hearts. I also learned it’s important to be open-minded to what may be recommended.

When a challenge is suggested for us, we should ask ourselves why this is being recommended. Are we resistant because this compromises our parameters of ‘safety?’ Closing our minds keeps us safe from uncertainty and emotional discomfort. The idea of not-knowing sends us straight to Anxiety Land because certainty defines who we are, and allows us to feel secure and in control of our lives. So, isn’t it possible that we avoid ideas that may be in our best interests to avoid feeling vulnerable?

The world we live in perpetuates the belief that to succeed in life is to not make mistakes. To get something wrong, means being wrong, means there is something wrong with us. Admitting that we need help is a difficult thing to do. Accepting someone’s voice that directly opposes your own solidly built viewpoint – even harder.

I want to try to be open-minded about everything, except spelling and grammar.



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