The wild still lingered in her

and the wolf in her merely slept.



3 thoughts on “fang

  1. this photo series is really cool… Alex, I ask, who is the Pet, the girl or the wolf??? I do not like to think of myself as a predator until after breakfast. When do you create and what are you in recovery of besides relationship problems… I really feel this blog and several others.. I also need my sleep, love wolves, and have been recovering from to many ailments.. I think I’m going to survive having turned a few birthdays ago to feel older… maybe to personal even for us but my bi-polar, alcoholic mind cant stand A.A. step meetings anymore and I need to release my brotherly love.

    p.s. I forgot about V.D. this year totally unromantic GF laughed at me She’s difficult I’m complicated howl, howl, howl…She’s the Pet..

    • Ohh wowww, your comment (as they always do) speaks to me. We are all in recovery for something, maybe. Learning to love and accept ourselves and our blessings, maybe.
      Hope the VD turned out lovely for you and your pet, she and hers. I’m sure it was nothing less

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