accountability checklist – a weapon

**This is the first post in a new ongoing blog series, featuring some practical tools and activities. Fill up your arsenal, build your team, and collect your weapons for recovery.


We set our minds on thoughts we can control, in order to keep the world coherent and safe. We create an illusion of security by ignoring negative feelings and dangerous unknowns, thinking that they will simply stop existing.
A fog rolls in, isolating you from people around you. You cannot recall what it felt like to take chances and live. Surrendering leaves us in a distorted reality. We risk standing alone in a world where nothing fits properly, and everything is uncomfortable, and no one is funny. Hoping that one day we will look into the mirror and fall back through it.

But, we need not surrender. We can eliminate the unhealthy mechanisms that keep us isolated and slaved. Ultimately, it is up to you to get the tools you need for this battle.

Your accountability checklist:

1. Am I doing what I can to keep myself safe?
2. Am I surrounding myself with supportive people?
3. Am I trying to listen?
4. Am I asking for what I need?
5. Are my behaviours helping or hurting me?
6. Am I expressing how I really feel?
7. Am I being honest with my team?
8. Am I being honest with myself?
9. Am I resting enough?
10. Am I doing the best I can right now?



3 thoughts on “accountability checklist – a weapon

  1. as luck would have it alex you have reminded me of my emotional I.Q. it has always needed a little work.. your checklist is very appropriate. I really want for some desensitizing, and regrouping. having needs met is like having needs for me but I am learning to ask for help again !!

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