what worries you masters you

There are two types of problems: the ones we can do something about and the ones we can’t.
If we find ourselves in an unpleasant situation that is fixable, then there is no need to worry. And if we find ourselves in a less than ideal situation that is beyond our control, worrying will do us no good then either.

Tackling worry from this paradigm is empowering. Suddenly, all you need is common sense and a little bit of faith to be satisfied in the present. Worrying is, in essence, wasted energy and negative chitchat of the mind.


We spend so much time worrying about things that have happened or things that have yet to happen – Anxious living in the past and anxious living in the future. How would our lives be different if we liberated ourselves from pointless worry and fully seized the challenges we can change?

I want to infuse my thoughts with positivity and presence.



4 thoughts on “what worries you masters you

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