risky business

I used to go around fearful, not only of exposing my true self, but to even understand what that meant. It is a risk, to live authentically. Today, I still go around apologetic and shameful of various opinions and beliefs, likes and dislikes. Too positive, too inspired, over-dressed, over-educated – is there really such a thing?


Many of us go to great lengths to avoid feeling vulnerable. There is simply more on the line when we are taking the risk to follow our paths exactly. We are overwhelmed by the uncertainty of being our true selves, and we deem living authentically as more risky than living concealed by the burka of societal expectations and judgements.

Uncertainty is really the meat-and-potatoes of vulnerability. We can use these feelings of discomfort as beacons to guide us inward, instead of to numb us and freeze us immobile. Then, we will reach the springboard of our authentic selves. Then, we can take the risk to experience who we are as a whole person. Maybe that’s what it would take for humans to stop condemning others and themselves.


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