that we may learn to bear the beams of love

Allowing someone to love us is equally difficult as actually loving someone.

At least once, you’ve likely looked around and thought, “I don’t understand why you love me.” You are being loved without feeling deeply deserving of love. This is normal. It comes from the very nature of unconditional love, in which we are loving in a way that is more than baseline requirements. We are taking the risk to offer a love that is otherwise not needed. I’m convinced this is one of the more powerful feelings we can experience as humans.

I think a lot about isolation.

One can become so well-practised at being unloved that they cannot accept it. When someone genuinely loves them, the only thing they know how to do is push them away. They cocoon themselves in a false security that seems impenetrable. Unbreakable.


And we are put on earth a little space
That we may learn to bear the beams of love
And these little black bodies and this sun-burnt face
Is but a cloud, and like a shady grove – Blake

In order to endure love, we must make ourselves vulnerable. We must risk loving without the certainty that it won’t be rejected or exploited. We must love wildly, until we forget where we are in space, and what the date is, and who will judge us.


3 thoughts on “that we may learn to bear the beams of love

  1. I really want to thank you for this post, it is so well put and it is exactly how I feel about being able to love and being capable of accepting love!

  2. Dear Alex,
    This piece hits home. I have been isolating because of school and winter and money. It felt good to get out today where I found a friend in a similar boat. Rejection can really make a person feel inadequate and then to realize that
    in the same capacity I have been a part of such a cycle makes me wonder… I go back to basics and think about food, present company, and my feelings. Some things are not worth repeating I have learned. Why make matters worse. Manners and etiquette are my steps back unto the beam.

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