i look up to keep myself sane, baby

At no point have I been promised to be spared the discomforts of the world. I have only been told that I will not be burdened with more weight than I can bear, and that I will be provided with strength necessary to find a way out. In the darkest times, when I wonder how exactly I will continue to cope, I remember that I will not be tested beyond my power.

How do we trust in faith during difficult times? Of course, this is no easy feat. Our natural instincts are to avoid struggle, rather than view our challenges as gifts that broaden our perspectives and leave us better rounded individuals. Every peak and valley on our paths are meant to develop our faith and mature our spirits. You’re not supposed to understand it or know why. That’s what faith is – faith is not knowing, but trusting anyway.

I want to trust in my heart and never rely on what I think I know about the future. Our life plans are bigger and more beautiful than our dreams.



penny for your thoughts?

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