teach me how to feel

Half of me is so madly in love with humans. I admire them with passion and curiosity.

And then, the other half is so embarrassed by their crippled deficiencies at life. Mulling about with loveless incompetence. Spending their days in total emotional illiteracy, failing to ever learn tenderness and grace toward others and, more frighteningly, themselves.




4 thoughts on “teach me how to feel

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  2. tell me that I’m Master
    I might tell you how to feel
    I want to tell you to be the Master
    control me to my sleep
    I want to tell you to be Master
    so I can be your tiny feet
    I can feel your smiles
    and you attack
    I know how to consume you
    like you love me to
    because your beautiful
    don’t share me with another
    from the bottom or the top
    Love your Master
    Master knows what to do
    Master is ME and Master is YOU

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