menu of gratitude – a weapon

**This is the fourth post in an ongoing blog series, featuring some practical tools and activities. Fill up your arsenal and collect your weapons for recovery.


When day after day is spent in combat, nothing seems to matter anymore. We are perfectly dissociated from life’s harsh realities, ranging from pressures at work to a family member’s failing health.

We are also distracted from the world’s arrant beauty and our daily graces.


By counting our blessings, we can guard ourselves from one of our enemy’s most tantalizing strategies – isolation. With a clouded awareness, we become distanced from both positive people and experiences that give us reasons to live.

Mindfulness draws our focus away from the skin-and-bones surface, and allows us to find the beauty in life’s substance. Quite frankly, gratitude can help us heal and become whole again. It brings order to chaos, by showing us that what we have is actually enough.


By creating a running list of life’s simple gifts, we can see how naturally deserving we are. Concentrating intentionally on gratitude, suddenly our positives outweigh the challenges we face.

Create a menu of gratitude:

Before bedtime, ask yourself – What are you grateful for? The sugary smell of spring? The steam on your morning tea? The warm comfort of your mother’s arms? Do not disregard the seemingly small blessings. No gift should be denied. Every blessing personalizes your armor and builds your protection.



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