rocky road

I don’t have to tell you that this road is a bumpy one, complete with detours, obstacles and unforeseen weather extremes. Much like the path of life, recovery is peppered with exasperating plateaus and setbacks. This continues regardless of physical stability, as our inward-peering eyes are opened with more and more clarity.

Rockier terrains lead us to lapses in motivation, and amplify our doubts and fears. It seems as though we are taking two steps forward and one step back, one step up again, then one to the side – leaving us to wonder if we are even moving forward at all.


This is not exclusive to recovery, but is the nature of human experience as well. The ups and downs, however, provide us opportunities to learn. By overcoming challenges, we become empowered with a strong sense of self. It allows us to love ourselves more fully and live our lives more authentically.


Even the rockiest stretches of recovery bring rewards and can lead to the greatest milestones in our learning. We are able to harness our strengths and understand what makes us vulnerable.

There is no perfectly routed path to recovery. What is important is that we aren’t standing still.


Keep fighting the good fight.



2 thoughts on “rocky road

  1. This post really hit home today, that rocky path is what im on right now, thanks for the encouragement to keep fighting.

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