in the spring, I shed my skin

And it blows away with the changing winds.

Here I am,

A rabbit-hearted girl. Frozen in headlights.

It’s not enough.

I must become a lion-hearted girl. Ready for a fight.




7 thoughts on “in the spring, I shed my skin

  1. Alex,

    It’s a stormy afternoon here and I’m treating myself to reading other writers and came here- a very good thing.

    Was intrigued by your posts. This one made me recall that when I was young, we moved around a lot. It was tough on me, especially when I was a young teenager. But I liked the fact that each time I moved, I could “make myself up” all over again. Whatever labels or assumptions had attached to me all went away when we moved to a new place. I liked that.

    But you’ve got a better idea here. Each spring, “Alex” emerges. Although I’d imagine that each moment you are ceaselessly creating yourself, not just when the spring flowers bloom.

    You’re a great writer.


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