7 billion people and only one you

Being yourself is a full time job. And it offers a really crappy pension for early retirement.

As we are always evolving, being authentic means something different all the time. We need to pay careful attention to what being true to ourselves means, from moment to moment as we grow.


It all starts with attainting a strong introspective awareness. We often distract ourselves from experiencing our feelings because we are scared, and it just seems easier that way, and ain’t nobody got time for that. What we really end up doing is self-sabotaging from ever feeling deeply satisfied with who we are.

With practise, we can build an honest relationship with ourselves from which we can cultivate true fulfillment. We can easily know what feels right for us and how to adapt when something feels wrong, avoiding things that compromise our values, feelings and desires.

Stop settling. Stop masking yourself behind a puppet of who you think you should be. Stop hiding behind unhealthy habits and coping skills. Stop being your symptoms and start being you.



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