anniversary wishes

Today, the magical forces of the internet informed me that I’ve officially been blogging for a year. How time can move both fast and slow.

What continues to bring me great pause is the way my writing resonates with such a diverse group – despite never truly revealing my gory details. Authenticity. Positivity. Gratitude. Mindfulness. We humans have commonalities, no matter the experiences we’ve strung together to bring us where we are today (I find this eerily comforting).

I refer to recovery in an ambiguous way, as if it is a beast I cannot bring myself to look directly at, and prefer to keep in my periphials.  I want to clarify that I am unafraid to face it.  I am unashamed to bear my heart about it.  I have unwavering determination in my advocacy for the cause.

It simply does not define me.

I cannot allow it to cling to my identity, to make it on my resume, and to nip at my ankles as I march through each new day.

Rendering homage to my first blog anniversary, I am sharing a new project. A more practical resource in recovery.


Thanks for being there.


11 thoughts on “anniversary wishes

  1. Yeah, it was wild…I hit a thousand views the other day. I don’t know….I’m not sure what I envisioned for St. Val the Eccentric (if anything at all), but it’s taken on a life of its own. I’ve been working on a post on Zach Sobiech all week. Life is what you make it and make of it. Fight on and write on my friend.

  2. I feel similarly. It can be confusing at times to navigate between not wanting it to define me and yet not wanting to appear ashamed of it because of the need to advocate for the cause. You said it very well. I just started following but love what I’ve read. Looking forward to your new project too!

  3. Alex I wouldn’t know what to do without with out being as honest in my life as I am. a virtue? I don’t know, probably most definitely… I do know for a fact that there comes in life some undeniable truths that can attach themselves to us. From these things we learn surrender, a different thing than recovery. We can often become recovered !! and we can also find strength in the humility gained from surrender, kind of like a ‘time out ‘ in which we regroup. whether we get sick or broken hearted addicted or distressed, whatever the ailment of our physicality our spirit, or our mental health there is a source of forgiving love. I can’t really define it with a lot more words and I can’t draw it or paint it but I can tell you that I feel it sometimes. Oh I wish I felt its grace when I am more forgetful and lost in the struggles of my daily existence but here I wish to share it with you as you can only be defined as and example of the Holy Spirit at work in my life and the lives of others. Be as blessed as you are and continue to love outwardly. if you have to time out and surrender Sky Cat knows what to do !!

    • gmc,
      I always look forward to your thoughtful comments. Where would we be without honesty. You said it eloquently, it’s difficult to put forgiving love in the forefront when we are struggling, but I want to be better at reminding myself. Thanks for continuing to support and follow my story. Blessings with you, my friend!

  4. I only discovered your blog a week or so ago, when you graciously left a comment on mine (thank you). I have been gradually working my way backwards, and loving reading your authentic and unusual voice. I appreciate your “never revealing gory details” – I think in many ways good writing is defined by what is left out, not what is put in. Thank you, and I’ll be eagerly following your journey on this blog and the new one.

  5. “How time can move both fast and slow” ….. I remember your very first post like it was yesterday and all of the wonderful changes that have occurred since then. You have touched my heart and soul where I have laughed and cried while enjoying so many of your writings. I simply am in constant awe of your talent, strength and drive. You inspire me and I have a bursting heart full of love and respect for you …..”It simply does not define me”
    Damn right it doesn’t! XOOX

  6. By far one of my favourite posts to date. You are so talented and inspiring and I’m blessed to have you as my sister <3

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