everything is waiting on the other side of fear

Hopeful and hopeless.

Today’s harsh realities leave so many people feeling hopeless. We are easily convinced that we have hit a dead end, or that the things we care about are only fleeting. And, when we are particularly struggling, we think that our difficult situation will never end.


And yet, we have no control of the earth’s winds or the hands of time. Big and small miracles occur in our daily lives. To believe otherwise empties ourselves of hope, and we fall victim to fear.

We must remember to expect good, rather than anticipate disappointment. It is the power of positive thinking at work, with a pinch of gratitude and the zest of faith. The plans for each of our lives are bigger and more beautiful than we can dream. Maintaining hope, especially in the midst of uncertainty, is what keeps us on the right path and makes our days worthwhile.



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