i exist as i am, that is enough

Night rolls around and it all starts making sense;

There is no right way,
Or wrong way,
You just have to live.

So, I do what I do,
And at least I exist.

What could mean more than this?



4 thoughts on “i exist as i am, that is enough

  1. Living my friend, living…something more gloriously beautiful than existing. Don’t “at least exist” when there is so much wonder and joy to embrace in the world (just gotta find it).

    • I am practising what it’s like to mindfully exist. Its sentiment is “non-doing,” which is something different than “doing nothing.” It can be cultivated both in stillness and in activity. I want to be more aware of the moment-to-moment unfolding of each present moment, in which I am existing, not trying to change it or perfect it. Reminding myself from time to time during the day to wake up to existing – to remember that here I am, this is it.

      • Hmmmm…

        While I try not to lose perspective on my life in the day-to-day moments, I’m more an Ignatian Spirituality girl for finding God in all things. The Ignatian Spirituality disciplines of “discernment” and “detachment” do help. There is a balance — or can be — of living life in the present-tense and living life with an eternal perspective. The danger in too much present-tense is that sonetimes things which — on-balance — really are not that important can seem to be. It removes some of the perspective on the big picture. Conversely, however, there are some times in life which MUST be lived in-the-moment. The challenge comes in knowing which is which and how to balance everything. It can be done, and peace is possible by it.

  2. Zen teaches students to meditate and clear their minds.
    I believe this is where the concept of zero comes from.
    This practice can put you in touch with much about us as we watch things slip away..
    Most people’s inner clocks complete with their buzzers and whistles would benefit from such a meditation at least once in a while.. More importantly is to relax
    not just seek peace but go ahead and be a part of it.
    At peace you can write it all down.

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