all we ever have is now

Mindfulness is like magic.


In surrendering ourselves completely to the present moment, we give up all human notions and compulsions to try to improve ourselves, and simply realize where we already are.

We accept our invitation to the inescapable adventure of life as it happens, with each singular moment that passes. There is an incredible urgency in the present moment when we allow the past and future to drift away. Right now is all we have for certain.

Humans naturally resist and force against the present moment;
With each thought that arises, judging it right or wrong. Or, with each physical and emotional sensation, counting it as pleasant or unpleasant.

The magic of mindfulness lies in sacrificing the slipperiness of longing for change, wanting and evaluating. Accepting each moment that arises with its thoughts and feelings, because they are already occurring.

Lying in the grass.
Fighting only the air.


5 thoughts on “all we ever have is now

  1. This reminds me of when Jesus says not to worry. He’s taking care of us. As I read this I felt all sorts of fears rising. But that’s not how God wants us to live. He wants us to live where he has put us now. So I calmed down and put my fears aside. (Please excuse me, I’m a Christian, but I’m curious about Buddhism).

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