how to: love your curves

Learning curves. Like the sea lapping against the shoreline, what is constant in each of our live are the ups and downs. There are dreamy highs, during which we float in blessings that waft to us with ease. And then, there are dark and dreadful lows that come in storms, sometimes coming without warning and attacking with injustice, or sometimes because we’ve lost our footing.

We fall down sometimes. And it can be difficult to not abandon our paths, search for a way out, and view out low points as failures.


What’s interesting to me is that, from these challenges we label as hideous failures, we often find our greatest victories. Yes, confronting our own painful experiences and struggles is distressing. But, we don’t remind ourselves that good can arise from pain solely to ease that discomfort. Good things truly come from overcoming hardships, and – we can and do overcome them.

We are quick to allow our missteps to linger in our minds and even become part of our own definitions of who we are. But, no one walks without stumbling now and then. The more we force ourselves into perfect moulds that never falter, we realize that we cannot always please everyone and ourselves simultaneously.


For this reason, it is exceedingly important to embrace the person we truly are. This is much more difficult when we have lost touch with our identities, because we are also tasked with the intricate game of discovering what it means to be genuine.

Living authentically is an experiment of trial and error. So, it is essential to find strength in pain, to view stumbling blocks as learning opportunities.

We are, after all, unfinished masterpieces in progress.



3 thoughts on “how to: love your curves

  1. back to the Wolf said the cat who could fly with a stretch and a yawn and not only that but really did this many, many, times a day, so we listen to the Wolf so content to simply be that way and we feed on our own air..
    There is a book that needs to come off the shelf for a while called “Gifts from a Course in Miracles” In it I can find words with wings that carry me like a song through my most difficult times. Times I have created so perfectly for me. I don’t always understand until later.
    I love this entry to your blog Alex and often think of the magic behind the wind and water and which came first the waves or the blue sky.. (that I believe is my mothers fault)
    Older I liked to believe in sources that are constant and without interruption and find that they are only ideas and memories of love. I choose to remember when I can.
    thank you, gmc

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