wolf in sheep’s clothing

How do you know if something is good or bad? It seems a simple question, but this is a task at which humans are notoriously inept.

We would say that something is good if we like it. If it makes us feel pleasant and comfortable. Maybe even safe, happy and secure. Bad things bring us discomfort. They take away the things that we like. Bad = pain, confusion, anxiety.


The trouble is that good and bad mean different things to different people, at different times and under different circumstances. Cue: Conflict. Plus, sometimes good things wear disguises and present themselves as challenges, only to turn out absolutely and completely amazing. On the other hand, we do things that feel good and comfortable that prove to be unhealthy and destructive in the long run.

I spend all kinds of time paralyzed by fear of doing things that are actually good for me because they bring feelings of anxiety, vulnerability and stress. Avoiding these things is a quick fix to feel better in the moment, but actually does no good at all. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. A security blanket. I can build myself upon these unhealthy things disguised as good, until the ground collapses right under me and I find I’ve gone nowhere.


Letting go of the security blanket means doing stuff that doesn’t feel good. It means walking up to the big, bad wolf and staring it right in the eyes. This just isn’t human nature – Think of all the people in the world sticking to bad relationships and unhealthy habits, like smoking – Letting go is a process.

Realizing this limitation actually brings me a sense of peace. I know that avoiding the right path because I am afraid will never allow me to achieve my dreams. I can cast my fears aside by accepting that I don’t perfectly understand good and bad, and I’m not intended to. I can trust that my life’s trajectory is headed toward freedom and peace, and align myself with the inherent goodness that is faith.



4 thoughts on “wolf in sheep’s clothing

  1. I absolutely love this piece! It is so meaningful for so many. It is scary to realize on one hand but the realization and awareness that these feelings of being fooled or trapped can exist is the key to overcome the actual fear and reality of destruction, therefore ending up on top – in control, loving life! I feel the strength and empowerment after reading this and can’t agree more…especially the last paragraph…beautifully said! Love the photos too…thank-you so much for sharing …XOOX

  2. sometimes letting go means denying my own selfishness
    working harder to define what things mean for others,
    behaviours and beliefs are easily misunderstood
    and taken for granted by my inner selffishness

    simple observable changes or gestures of kindness feel so heroic
    to the addict in me while I’m just looking for grace
    while my message of love is challenged

    so many messangers choose and challenge love
    so many have grown and overcome
    so many challenges

    the masterpiece was good
    everything else was ok !!..

    i have felt my heart ache
    and learned to set it free

    still so much to understand
    as a poet or a painter

    so much in common said the ego wanting
    as the journey revealed the living pastoral
    from the human hard path transfering lots
    for passage, for passage, true peace in action..

    ramble damn
    you sound great alex
    thanks gmc

  3. You are one very talented writer your struggles seem to have turned into the wisest words of wisdom. Raw, real, true, beautiful. You are so right – the known feels comfortable and good but just because it is safe does not mean it is right. Too often I fear criticism so say nothing at all which leaves me with no results and instead a ball of envy or fury. If we always do what we are familiar with than nothing will ever change.

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