A twenty-something Toronto girl’s musings and discoveries after almost losing it all.



For those who fight for it,

life has a flavour the sheltered will never know ➳


31 thoughts on “About

  1. Glad you came to my Tea Party…and it must be universal because you are correct…we are all a bit mad yes? Best of luck and continued success in your new second chance life, seems you are off to a very good start!

  2. oh i just found your blog. we’re from the same city! scary…i was like…wait, this looks familiar. anyway i will be reading more and im so happy to have found this xox

  3. I finished reading your whole blog and you’re so amazing, Alex. I miss you a lot. I’m wanted to write lately, and just talk about things, and blogging seems like it may be a good idea. I hope we can catch up sometime soon. I’m excited to be able to follow you on here, you’re an incredible writer.
    Love you

  4. Your blog’s as beautiful as you are. When I arrive at your blog, I feel organically and exceedingly peaceful when I’m here. Doubtlessly one of my favorite blogs on WP. I really hope you continue to offer us your posts and your warm thoughts. Thank you for existing and never stop…

  5. Oh goodness, time evades me and I feel I’ve been peering into your blog for centuries. Alas, it’s… well, it must’ve been an hour. Thank you. Thank you for sharing all that you share. Your blog is a masterpiece. I am so inspired.

  6. Thanks for checking out my blog today and liking my recent post about the power of prayer as I’ve seen it while praying for my husband. I look forward to reading more from your blog!

  7. Wow just reading a few lines of your words on Serendipity and I am smitten with smashing passion! You are like me, a mastermind of writing and expressing thoughts that are almost impossible for others to get out onto the page. Thank you.

    Are those your tattoos? I love the morphic, the detail is amazing. I am actually getting my first tattoo as a Christmas present from my sister! I am psyched!

    I would like to connect out blogs, as I think life is a waste if we don’t make connections with others as much as we can. Let me know, you know where I am!

  8. You’re site is stunning, i’ve just begun a blog, Don’t understand at all how to make mine as beautiful as yours- at the moment mine is simply a diary about to record every outfit, musing, and emotional insight for a year, if you (or anyone following this blog) have any tips for me with aesthetics and general setup i would appreciate this so so much. Happy new year. xxx

  9. sometimes I start things in the middle; books, movies, pages,?? I don’t always know why. I started reading your Blog Before meeting you here. your entries and the stories behind them are intriguing and most inclusive. I wrote a whole book I called Sister Coyote and the Witness about an imaginary character, a sister. I even have a sister and she is really great. My girlfriend is another story of friendship and she likes to feel wanted. It is difficult to follow her sometimes as her needs are many. I hope you are well and exploring the psyche of the spirit for more insight. I am as well as trying to be a kind man.

  10. I think that it is kind of a miracle that I stumbled onto your blog tonight. I might have the wrong person, but I think I might have seen you today at a NEDIC conference. Ironically, I googled “Support + Eating Disorder Recovery” and ED Freedom came up that linked me here. I didn’t even know your name but recognized your beautiful smile and friendly face.

    I am so glad that you are sharing your wisdom. Sorry if I have the wrong person. Either way, your blog is great.


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