how to: love your curves

Learning curves. Like the sea lapping against the shoreline, what is constant in each of our live are the ups and downs. There are dreamy highs, during which we float in blessings that waft to us with ease. And then, there are dark and dreadful lows that come in storms, sometimes coming without warning and attacking with injustice, or sometimes because we’ve lost our footing.

We fall down sometimes. And it can be difficult to not abandon our paths, search for a way out, and view out low points as failures.


What’s interesting to me is that, from these challenges we label as hideous failures, we often find our greatest victories. Yes, confronting our own painful experiences and struggles is distressing. But, we don’t remind ourselves that good can arise from pain solely to ease that discomfort. Good things truly come from overcoming hardships, and – we can and do overcome them.

We are quick to allow our missteps to linger in our minds and even become part of our own definitions of who we are. But, no one walks without stumbling now and then. The more we force ourselves into perfect moulds that never falter, we realize that we cannot always please everyone and ourselves simultaneously.


For this reason, it is exceedingly important to embrace the person we truly are. This is much more difficult when we have lost touch with our identities, because we are also tasked with the intricate game of discovering what it means to be genuine.

Living authentically is an experiment of trial and error. So, it is essential to find strength in pain, to view stumbling blocks as learning opportunities.

We are, after all, unfinished masterpieces in progress.



i’m feelin’ lucky

Fear is powerful. Fear of the unexpected, fear of failure, fear of loneliness – All it does is riddle your spirit with worry, anger, and despair.

Why not anticipate good? Hopefulness is a beautiful step in the right direction. What’s better is actually believing and expecting positive outcomes. It creates such a distinct clarity of our current blessings and future possibilities. Love, vitality and wealth, in all their forms, are guaranteed.


What’s more wonderful is that this practice actually works. When we expect good, some sort of vibrational shift occurs in the universe. When we are truly vigilant and wholeheartedly believe in ourselves, we begin to see the movement in our lives. I‘m not a mystic or a wizard, although that would make for a much cooler blog. But this is not an illusion of happiness, we see that our health improves, our bank accounts go up, our relationships run smoothly – we are more successful and satisfied.

Don’t wait until tomorrow. Believe in the worthiness of your being and the power of your thought. The general goodness of the world and its effortless beauty. The incredible potential of your self.

menu of gratitude – a weapon

**This is the fourth post in an ongoing blog series, featuring some practical tools and activities. Fill up your arsenal and collect your weapons for recovery.


When day after day is spent in combat, nothing seems to matter anymore. We are perfectly dissociated from life’s harsh realities, ranging from pressures at work to a family member’s failing health.

We are also distracted from the world’s arrant beauty and our daily graces.


By counting our blessings, we can guard ourselves from one of our enemy’s most tantalizing strategies – isolation. With a clouded awareness, we become distanced from both positive people and experiences that give us reasons to live.

Mindfulness draws our focus away from the skin-and-bones surface, and allows us to find the beauty in life’s substance. Quite frankly, gratitude can help us heal and become whole again. It brings order to chaos, by showing us that what we have is actually enough.


By creating a running list of life’s simple gifts, we can see how naturally deserving we are. Concentrating intentionally on gratitude, suddenly our positives outweigh the challenges we face.

Create a menu of gratitude:

Before bedtime, ask yourself – What are you grateful for? The sugary smell of spring? The steam on your morning tea? The warm comfort of your mother’s arms? Do not disregard the seemingly small blessings. No gift should be denied. Every blessing personalizes your armor and builds your protection.





finding something wonderful without looking for it.

see also: luck, blessing, fortune, fate


How many times have I wanted something, and realized I really didn’t want it once I got it? I’ve twisted myself into shapes I couldn’t make and squeezed myself into places I couldn’t fit. The things that bring me the most happiness simply happen. Life is full of surprises. It is unpredictable – uncontrollable.

The only way to affirm my luck is to let go, abandon concern for gains or losses, and live mindfully wherever life takes me. To seize every chance to be of service. To let things go and take things on with a peaceful mind and body.

Using wisdom to sow the seeds of my blessings makes every day a good day.

maybe these are my glory days

What do people mean by “the glory days?” I’d wager a guess they’re not referring to the days of no electricity and woollen underwear. More likely, they’re talking about paying 10 cents for a candy bar and when milk was delivered to your house in glass bottles. So no, I don’t remember those glory days, I wasn’t alive. I do, however, remember Nirvana.


How about the glory days of Primary school… Remember when you’d try to raise your hand higher than everyone else? Remember double-dutch at recess? Remember that time you got a pizza party because you and your friends were such great hall monitors?

When did it stop being cool to be a hall monitor? Maybe that’s when people stopped paying attention. People stopped moderating their self-pity and ignorance. We never stopped having ideas of what is right and wrong, great ideas of success and empowerment. But we stopped noticing our blessings. We stopped monitoring our choices and actions, and how they influence our surroundings. We stopped seeing the link between ourselves and our goals, our decisions and what we believe in.


I want to see every day as part of my glory days. I want to observe the beauty of life around me in its complexity, the complexity of its simplicity.